You are a Chinese or international company based in Shanghai or in China.

You want to develop your academic partnerships to hire the best students as soon as they are graduated or you want to innovate and keep the competitive advantage in the field of smart cities.

Choose a strong partnership with the UTSEUS: meet and work with our students and researchers to develop your business.

Conferences and visits

You need to be well known and recognized by Chinese and international students because you want to hire the best of them for your company.

At UTSEUS we provide opportunities to meet our students before their graduation. Contact us to organize a professional conference or a visit of your company and introduce them your industry, your market and your enterprise.

Industrial projects

You need to manage a completely new engineering project to develop your company or to answer to one of your clients. Our final year students can help you for free during the fall semester.

As a Sino-European School of Technology, we train our students to manage industrial projects through real case studies.

Find below examples given by our industrial partners:

  • Maintenance audit
  • Delivery of a database for the waste reception and storage activity
  • Analysis of the current state of the art in China of a specific technological or scientific field


You need to launch a new project and/or you need to test an applicant before hiring him/her as a new engineer.

At UTSEUS we train engineers who have very good scientific skills and can understand both European and Chinese culture. As a Sino-European School of Technology, we provide an academic tutor during the internship. We also adapt our programs to fit the industrial needs and the new market trends.

Contact us to get the CVs of our students and our help to find the perfect applicant.

Research projects for the development of your activities

If you want to develop your activities with an excellent academic research partner, we can provide you innovative solutions which will help your company achieve your goals.

Please contact us to launch your projects.