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A serious game about quality management


A new pedagogical innovation was delivered at UTSEUS by means of the “serious games” workshop within the framework of the Course “Quality Management and Excellent Operations”. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Jean-Pierre Caliste (emeritus professor from the University of Technology of Compiègne) in the structure of the program “International Engineer”.


The “serious games” workshop in few words.

The idea is to address in a playful way some serious topics such as the ergonomy of workstations, by using simulations based on real situations. Nowadays in the minds of many people, the phrase “serious games” is a high frequency word in computer science, yet the implementations of “serious games” are delivered transboundary and have achieved tremendous developments.

Delivered in such kind of methodology and within the framework of the Course “Quality Management and Excellent Operations”, the workshop of “serious games” was introduced to UTSEUS students. In this way can the conductor ensure that students are put in the practical situation of searching for paths to optimize the production process.

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Why is the workshop “Serious Games” of prime importance in the engineering training?

The course belongs to the “Technique and Method” category in the UTSEUS course framework. Its innovative merits can be regarded in the three features below:

•theoretical contributions on the concepts underlying the methods (which prevents approaching them as ready-to apply recipes),

•the experience of a live situation within the framework of “serious games”, in which the methods are chosen and applied by the students so as to solve genuine problems,

•a direct relationship with the industry, that enables the students to observe the real situation and to analyze it, eventually to submit proposals for the company involved – who will decide whether or not to deliver them – and finally to assess the result.

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This type of pedagogical method leads the engineering students to anticipate the real role they’re going to play in the future industry. The “serious games” workshop holds a key position between theory and practice. Establishing a win-win relationship between school and enterprise, the workshop makes the company part benefit from suggestion for improvement on the whole (space saving, improved traceability, optimization of stocks and flows, cleaner premises) while the students acquire new skills and have a real approach to the industry.

In 2016, a pioneering company in the field of Chinese 3D printing industry, Mankati, played the industrial part in this school-enterprise relationship and warmly welcomed UTSEUS students to work on their production lines.



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