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Learning trip in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou


From December 18th to 23rd 2016, UTSEUS organized a learning trip for 15 students, most of them from the Language, Culture and Innovation for Entrepreneurship program. Mr. LaurentAmice and Mr. Emmanuel Carquin from UTT, Mr. Samuel Gomes from UTBM, Mr. Jean-Pierre Caliste from UTC were also invited to join the trip.


The unique, vibrant and creative atmosphere of Huaqiang Bei

The study trip began from the tour of Huaqiang Bei in Shenzhen (otherwise known as “Chinese Silicon Valley”). Under the guidance of Mr. Henk Werner, COO of Trouble Maker, the professors and students visited plenty of maker spaces and startups, such as SEG maker and the wellkown world’s first and largest hardware accelerator « HAX »


The world’s innovative hardware manufacturing experts

UTSEUS had the honor to be welcomed in the office of NOA Labs in Shenzhen. Mr. Alex Murawski, CEO, shared his rich experience as mechanical design engineer and entrepreneur and offered a valuable training on product life cycle and manufacturing in China. A visit at 3 NOD allowed the delegation to discover latest high-tech products. in a showroom that really impressed the students!


A glance into the future of humanity

The tour also included the visits of research institutes, such as the Space Institute of Southern China and Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology. The visits raised great questions such as: How would be our lives on Mars? What will be our relationship with intelligent robots?


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Dongguan : from a manufacturing city to a livable and attractive city for talents

Second leg of the trip was Dongguan. The professors and students visited firstly East company, a world-class leader in smart city and smart energy system solutions supply. The company’s manufacturing and processing plants were very impressive by its size and modernity. It was a great opportunity to witness the city where more than 80% of the « made in China » are produced. Then, they were warmly received by the Office of Talent Service Affairs of Dongguan and the vice president of the Dongguan University of Technology. Students had the opportunity to know the special policies to attract talents in Dongguan and exchanged with some Chinese talents who had studied abroad.


Cultural learning experience in Guangzhou

The trip in Guangzhou focused on Chinese culture and intercultural communication. They benefited a lot from the lecture about the Sino-French cultural differences given by Mr. Zheng Lihua, professor of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, then they  spent the rest of the day with Chinese students who specialized in French language to exchange and visit the city together. Two visits of Guangzhou Opera House and Chen Jia Ci were also organized for students so that they could experience traditional and modern Guangzhou during this trip.



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