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UTSEUS, a member of the Netexplo network


Netexplo is an independent observatory, created in 2007 in France to study the impact of the digital revolution on Society and the entrepreneurial world at large. Every year it publishes a ranking list of the 100 most promising innovations observed in the digital world. Its ‘head-hunting scouts’ include representatives from universities in the USA, in Asia in Africa and Europe, among which we can cite, alongside UTSEUS, the MIT Media Lab, Stanford University, or Oxford University.

Each member of the network acts as an advanced look-out post, where the students are invited to detect the most original and impactful digital innovations. UTSEUS students enrolled in the programme “Language, Culture and Innovation for Entrepreneurship” are invited to get involved in this exercise. Their research and monitoring focus mainly on China and Asia. To identify possible gold ‘nuggets’, they essentially surf the Internet, scan crowdfunding platforms, and assess startups projects they encounter in co-working spaces. fablabs, and other “innovative” places that they visit during their semester in China.

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In 2016, one Chinese innovation spotted by UTSEUS students in 2015 has been selected by the jury of the netexplo ‘NETEXPLO 100 2016’. In 2016, 30 students participated to the innovation watch programme in partnership with Netexplo. 104 innovations were submitted to the jury of the 2017 netexplo digital innovation selection.


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