You are a researcher working on major cities issues in the next decades.

You want to collaborate with your colleagues from other disciplines to improve the quality of your research and share your data and information to explore new fields of exploration.

Choose to work with the researchers of the Complexcity Lab to start a new experience of research.

What is the Complexcity Lab?

Integrating, Designing and Planning the City of the future

… for its citizens of all ages by taking into account its complexity with the fast evolving location of Shanghai as a living lab

As cities emerge as a complex object for interdisciplinary studies, we have to adopt now a systemic and global approach to bring new knowledge in this field. The ComplexCity Lab contributes to build new ways of representing cities in order to assist their design, management and realization.

In order to master the growing complexity of cities and to consider in the same spot heterogeneous ways of thinking of city, we need intellectual tools and models.

Three  complementary approaches

That’s why we focus on three complementary approaches:

  • Data that should be gathered
  • Models that can be used by means of these data
  • Interpretation methods and tools to elaborate knowledge and decision from the results these models can produce.

Five application areas:

  • Risk and crisis management
  • Urban metabolism
  • Urban maintenance
  • Physical field modeling for urban comfort and energy efficiency
  • Aging and gerontechnology in the city

How do we work?

ComplexCity Lab is spread among several countries. Researchers from many different laboratories participate to this virtual lab by exchanging frequently with each other’s. But ComplexCity is also a physical space in Shanghai University where researchers can settle down and focus on city issues. Students, professors and administrative staff can find a place to exchange, create and lead great city related project inside the fast evolving Shanghai City.

The lab offers room for up to 14 professors and nearly 20 students in fully equiped offices. Two conferences room with 3D projectors hold conferences and meetings.


More information on our Complexcity Lab website: